Here at VCPrison we try to fufill all your needs. By donating, you help the server expand and stay up longer. If you need any help on donating just ask any staff member, they will be eager to help you.

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By purchasing from this store you are automatically agreeing to these terms:

  • All payments and packages are processed automatically by BuyCraft.
  • Make sure you are logged in to the server when you are purchasing a rank or package.
  • It is important that you enter your Minecraft username EXACTLY, including correct capitalization.
  • All players, including ranked players, must still follow the server rules. If they are breached, you will be banned. We don’t allow donators to bypass the rules.
  • We do not offer refunds, even for banned players.
  • PayPal is currently the only payment option.
  • By donating you must agree to the Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Any and all personal information received by VCPrison after an order is placed will only be used to complete your donation and we will not give out or sell any of your personal information.

Please allow 5-10 minutes for your donation to go through. If it takes longer then please contact an admin in-game or make a post on our forum @